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(NEW) Flashcards

After a few days of agonizing over the UI programming, I have finally completed the creation of Flashcards!

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Flashcards are often used by students to memorize terminology. Studying via flashcard uses active recall, which is a means of memorization by stimulating your brain in one particular piece of information. It's usually terminology, but it can also be other things that have to be memorized.

There are three aspects of this new Flashcard functionality:

  • The Flashcard Set
    Flashcards are structured like this:
    • Flashcard Sets have a set of questions, or flashcards
    • Questions are also grouped into categories
    • This might seem complicated, but it is simply a structure for organizing flashcards and questions.
    • Categories are how you organize questions in the flashcard manager, whereas flashcard sets are what appear in the canvas.

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  • Viewing/Sorting cards
    Viewing/Sorting all your flashcard sets, flashcard questions, or categories can all be managed in the "Flashcard Manager". Simply go to the paintbrush icon in the top left corner, and click "Flashcard Manager".

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    From there you will see tabs related to flashcard concepts.
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    The actual flashcard sets themselves can be seen in the "Flashcard Sets" tab if you want to see them. 

  • Adding flashcard sets

    Lastly, if you want to add a new flashcard, go to the "Add New Object" panel and select "Flashcard". There you will see the panel to edit the flashcard set, and add all the questions that you want.

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    Uploaded Image

    Adding questions to the current flashcard set is as easy as clicking a button!

    That interface also appears when you edit your flashcard sets.

That's all for flashcards! Hopefully that clears some things up.

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If you have any concerns, feel free to ask in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!


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