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Posted 4 months ago
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How to fight procrastination and have a productive day

Imagine this scenario.

It's a Sunday, it's your day off, and you just want to lay down and not do anything mentally tasking.

However, there are things that you have to get done today. There's also a voice in the back of your head that says, "I must get (x, y, and z) done today" but the resolve is not within you to do those things! What can you possibly do to get out of this mental block?

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This phenomenon is called procrastination, and it is very commonplace for people who feel like they have a lot of time off, when they really don't.

Here's a few steps to combat it.

  • Step 1: Think of the simplest thing you have to do.
    Getting started, even on the littlest thing, will do a great deal in helping you get out of that procrastination rut, and get the ball rolling, so to speak.

  • Step 2: Reward yourself immediately when you finished it, but with restrictions.
    Warning: this advice is not recommended if you are likely to be re-distracted. But if you're not, then reward yourself with something that will help you to do something.

  • Step 3: Don't commit to the tasks you have to do; rather, commit to the elimination of distractions in doing the task.
    A lot of sites mention that you should try to "commit to the task", or "promise yourself that you will do it". I believe this is inadvisable, as one who procrastinates has no desire or resolve to do the task anyway. Rather, one should commit to, one by one, eliminate distractions that they might have in doing their tasks. This includes, but is not limited to:

    - Social Media
    - "Fear of missing out" from messages in your messaging apps. Limit checking to every 30 minutes.
    - Watching YouTube, only to be sucked into a rabbit hole that inevitably ends hours later.
    - Other forms of media
    - Put your phone away completely if you have to

  • Step 4: Don't overwhelm yourself by making a list of things you have to do immediately; instead, choose to do one task at a time. 
    It'll be over before you know it.

    Once you feel like you are out of your procrastination mood, then you can make a list of tasks.

    In Note Canvas, you can make an object called a "Status", which makes yourself ask a question (regarding your task), which you can also answer, kind of like a self Q&A. This seems simple, but its function is to make you have a deliberate mental conversation so that what you have to do is clarified in your head. The mere fact that you are asking yourself the question of "what you should be doing right now" helps you to take those tasks (that you have to do) more seriously.

    To make a Status object, simply click "Create New Object", select "Status", and ask yourself the question of "What do I have to do next?" or "What should I be doing right now?"

    Here's what it would look like.

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Final Thoughts

Here are the general principles when it comes to this:

  • We reject the concept of building up your willpower to overcome this "evil" of procrastination.

    There has been research that found that willpower and self-control are overrated concepts when it comes to discipline, and that abstinence as a system is the best approach. "To put it more simply: The people who said they excelled at self-control were hardly using it at all."
  • This is not to say that you are weak and you have no willpower if you succumb to procrastination; rather, we aim to point out that the best way to rid of procrastination needs an approach that has little to do with your personal willpower or self-control.
  • What you should aim to do is remove all, or as much distractions as possible so that you can do the things you have to do, and those tasks will be done naturally.


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