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Object Properties

To change an object's properties, you can either:

  • Right click an object in the object list (or the object itself), and click "Object Properties"

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  • Click the "Object Settings" option on the top left corner.

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Default Options

Each object will have a different set of properties depending on the type of object it has, but all objects have common properties, namely their object name, mode, and their visibility.

  • Object Name: Self-explanatory.
  • Mode: This decides how it will interact in the canvas. These are the following modes that exist:
    • Display Mode: The object stays in place.
    • Move Mode: The object can be moved.
    • Resize Mode: The object can be resized.
    • Visibility: choose whether to display this object or not in the canvas. You can still select it in the canvas if it's hidden, it merely hides it within the bounds of the canvas.
  • Order: Objects have a default order within the structure of its parent canvas. More information is found on the tutorial for Object Lists.

Object Type-Specific

There are some objects who have settings unique to their own object type. As of now, text boxes and plaintext objects have their color preset, and background opacity editable.

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