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Posted 2 months ago
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Tip of the Day #2: Have an ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER to get things checked

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This is a common advice amongst those who give advice on personal goals, but I feel like this is not emphasized enough, especially if you have a personal goal regarding personal habits, or a particular goal.

Get an accountability partner.

I repeat, get an accountability partner! An accountability partner is like peer pressure, but the good kind! 

If there is a goal that you want to get accomplished, or a habit that you want to stay a habit, accountability partners are a sort of enforcement mechanism.

Here's a few things you two can keep track of related to your goals. The goals vary, but I believe what's listed below are by far the most salient aspects of mutual accountability tracking:

  • How often you will check your goal: 

    This seems obvious, but it's important to point out that you two will need to schedule a time to check for the progress in your goal, or even any setbacks. Make sure to commit to availability. Don't even bother setting this up with someone who is busy and has a low chance of committing.

  • How realistic is this goal:

    Make sure that the goal you have is within the bounds of reality. If this is a habit-tracking partnership, make sure that the goal you have is something that you've thought of carefully, as, in a way, you are trying to change the automation of your psyche. It is preferable for habit trackers to set shorter timeframes between checking for progress at first, and then make it longer as time goes on, given sufficient progress.

  • Does the "coach" recognize the desire of the "player" and his/her specific reasons why he/she wanted to do this accountability tracking?

    If so, the "coach" is the person tracking the results, and the "player" is the person who is being tracked, assuming it's one-sided tracking. If both, then the roles of "player" and "coach" apply simultaneously to both of you.

    In any case, both of you must recognize why each other is doing this. You have to recognize what each other's motivations are for doing this, if you are seriously committing to this accountability-tracking, knowing what the extent of the goals are and what it means to set those goals.

    If you two have disagreements, make sure that you two can talk about it in good faith without it being personal. 

How Note Canvas can help you with accountability tracking

In Note Canvas, you can clearly outline things that you want done over a certain period of time.

We have a basic to-do list where you can outline your tasks in a structured manner.

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